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Software Dimensions has been working with construction companies since 1985 in the realms of business best practices and technology solutions.  A majority of our clients track job acquisitions along a lifecycle of project bidding, forecasting, procurement, work in progress tracking, and historical project reference.  Some clients focus on just one area, while others may not focus on acquisitions at all, as they do consultative work on projects. Whether you sell products, manage projects, or manage services, as long as you play a role in the Construction Industry, Software Dimensions will be able to help you implement a solution.


Read below for some of the roles that are impacted by our products and services.

Company Roles

Personnel Roles

  • Architects/Engineers

    Architects and Engineers need to track potential projects that meet their needs, and be able to communicate specifications to owners and contractors with efficiency and ease.  Architects and Engineers also need to keep track of ongoing projects through to completion and showcase their best work for future endeavors.

  • Contractors

    Contractors need a robust project acquisition and tracking process to handle the range of requirements that cross their plate.  As the overall project coordinator, General contractors need a detailed analysis of projects to stay current on subcontractors, personnel job roles, Joint Ventures, project estimates, change orders, and more.

  • Suppliers

    Whether you manufacture or distribute products, Supplier companies play a role that touches nearly every aspect of the construction lifecycle.  Accurate tracking of product inventory, product quotes, licensed distributors, affiliate listings, and analytics for product sales can all be managed from BDS.

  • Executives

    Executives need accurate information, fresh from the efforts of others, to drive critical decisions and to measure progress toward achieving strategic objectives. With an effective well thought-out database, information can easily be at their fingertips — directly from key personnel. Not filtered through others, no politics, and no waiting — you get what you want, when you want it, reported as you like and customized to meet your requirements and in report formats you like.

  • Sales and Marketing Managers

    Sales/Marketing Managers can track and manage your team without making them feel they're being forced to use a system that robs more of their precious time. They can stay on top of every facet of their job — from the finest proposal development capabilities to forecasting to pipeline management to account notes and histories — automatically. From the marketing plan and lead source analysis to daily feedback from field sales, an effective database will help your managers meet objectives and make more money.

  • BD Personnel

    Business Development Professionals must have a tool that will help them be effective and on time, not a system that takes more time and is hard to understand or makes simple tasks more complex. Whether accessing data through the Business Development System® or through BDS Web, provide your sales and marketing professionals with a database that will enhance CRM as well as give them the sales and marketing facts they need to be more effective, either connected or disconnected from the network or Internet.

  • Sales and Marketing Administrators

    Marketing and Sales Administrators can use the system in many ways to increase their productivity from fast data entry to using information in the system to create proposals smartly integrating graphics housed within BDS or pulled directly from your graphics library. The application will integrate with other desktop applications allowing them to move and use just the right data to make your proposals, letters and e-mail campaigns second to none. Why move data to other applications when the desired results can be achieved with just one click?

  • Estimators

    Estimators are key people in your company that need a system that makes creating a bid solicitation as easy as 1-2-3. They need to have a Sub/Vendor database that is accurate with up-to-the-minute information on what sub/vendors do, where they will work, how they have responded, and who is preferable to invite. The system must use all of today's technology including e-mail and the Internet. They want a system they can fully control so they will know they have coverage of all work types at the time of solicitation as well as on bid day when they need it most. They need a system that facilitates communications with others in the management team. They want a system that can be networked, can share the information throughout your organization, can impact your profits, and can interface with the Internet to communicate directly with sub/vendors. Invitation to Bid (ITB) will put time back in their busy schedules so they can estimate more work.

  • Project Management

    Successful project management requires proper planning, organization of tasks and the establishment of priorities and deadlines. In order to effectively manage projects from concept to conclusion, project managers need immediate access to key information to ensure the project remains on track and within budget. BDS helps projects managers with the execution and management of each phase of the project by enabling the efficient management of time, resources and project cost. Status reporting provides a vehicle for tracking project hours, employee productivity and communication with team members to ensure the project stays on course.

  • Personnel Management

    Whether you are the Account Manager, Project Lead, or HR Rep for a project, being able to effectively manage your employees time can be a struggle.  Our Personnel Resource Management system can help you track project personnel, their start and end dates on projects, and time lost while they “sit on the bench”.  We can build a variety of reports that can help individuals get to the information they need to better manager their personnel.


    Being able to build resumes for your personnel is helpful when trying to bid on projects.  Imagine being able to click one button to generate a resume that includes all types of projects and work that a person has worked on or managed.  As personnel are assigned to projects, the project types and other details can be transferred to the personnel’s experience history.

  • All Other People

    Information is valuable! Smart executives know that everyone inside the organization and many people outside can have a tremendous impact on your work acquisition process. The Internet or VPN offers a great way for database information to be gathered from or used by these important people. With today's technology, your database information can be available without requiring expensive application software, synchronization, or training. Internet access allows pertinent information to be available in the form they need and in ways to input important feedback with ease — allowing you to make decisions on complete and reliable information collected in your business development database.

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